Board of Directors

The Algonquin Valley Branch Executive is made up of volunteers who are Association members in good standing. It includes the following Branch Officers: President, one or two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, plus members who take on responsibilities for the running of various Branch Committees and special projects. The Past President is an Ex Officio member of the Executive.

The Branch Membership elects the Branch Officers and other Executive members to staggered  two-year terms at the Branch Annual Meeting. All members of the Executive can stand for re-election.

The Executive is responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the Branch, its assets and properties. It conducts the business of the Branch in accordance with the Association’s By-Laws and Branch’s by-laws. It delegates duties and responsibilities as appropriate, ensures all Executive meeting decisions and resolutions are recorded in the Minutes, and approves the annual Branch budget and periodic financial statements.

National Association of Federal Retirees
Algonquin Valley Branch

(as of April 10, 2024)


  • Vickie Hulley - President

  • Nancy Gleason - Vice-President (and Advocacy)

  • Ela McDonald - Secretary

  • Julie Mallory - Treasurer

  • Judith Cloutier - Membership

  • Ken McDonald - Past-President


  • Mary ter Huurne

  • Gayle Barks

  • Laura Obrutsky

  • John Partridge